Reinmosers Natural Beers

Niernsdorfer Waldhofbräu

During the lockdown, we made our dream of having our own brewery come true. Our customised 4-vessel brewhouse is probably the smallest of its kind in Germany. Using regional brewing malts and high-quality Hallertauer hops, refreshing, natural beers are produced here. 

“Reinmosers Natural Beers” are unfiltered, unpasteurised and are always brewed strictly according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516. Our beers have an especially full-bodied flavour due to the traditional open fermentation and variety-specific maturation and storage periods. Among the standard varieties are a Natural Wheat Beer, a Natural Light Beer, a Dark Beer and our naturally cloudy Cellar Beer. In addition, we regularly brew seasonal special beers such Green Hop Beer, Winterbock or Craft Beers such as our Solero IPA.

The spent grains are a natural by-product of brewing and we deliver it directly to the pigsties of the Hofmetzgerei Geisenhofer in Hohenkammer.

Enjoy our beers fresh from the barrel in our restaurant or during our opening hours acquire a store to take home in the practical 1-litre clip lock bottle. 

Price per litre €3.50 plus deposit of €2.50 per bottle

Logo Brewery Landscape
Reinmoser´s Biere Green