Sustainable & regional

CO2 neutral hotel near Munich

As a woodland hotel, we at the Waldhof are very conscious of the way we deal with our environment. With our sustainable gastronomy, we want to contribute to preserving Planet Earth for future generations. The food we serve comes from our home regions and is whenever possible also sustainably produced. We have already converted our hotel premises to LED lighting wherever possible in order to save energy. Also, in 2022 we converted all our refrigeration facilities to a highly efficient heat recovery system. The heat created is then fed into our heating system instead of being dispersed into the surrounding air. We rely on short delivery routes and the high-quality products of our regional partners of many years – from the region for the region!
The hotel has been connected to the local heating network since 2008. Thanks to biogas, we heat CO₂-neutral completely without fossil fuels.
Regional suppliers

Sausage, ham and pork products we obtain mainly from the farm butcher Geisenhofer from Hohenkammer! Also our turkeys we get through our butcher directly from the Reindlhof from Röhrmoos!

Fresh eggs are delivered weekly directly to us by the Kistler family from Untermarbach, about 1 kilometer away!

The fine flour and semolina products from the mill store of the Scheller mill from Reisgang are the basis for our homemade cakes, pies, spaetzle and our Kaiserschmarrn.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and crisp salads are delivered twice a week by the Fruchtecke from Pfaffenhofen!

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The environment is never neglected when making important decisions and sustainable alternatives are preferred. In summer, for example, we consciously do without air conditioning and energy-guzzling minibar refrigerators in the hotel rooms.